As the freight forwarding business keeps changing and evolving, the customer's demands remain the same: faster and more efficient services at lower costs. To keep pace with these demands and to remain competitive, freight forwarders need tools that leverage the endless potential of technology to deliver efficiency, speed and transparency to their business. Logipulse has been tailor-made for the freight forwarding industry with these factors in mind.

In developing Logipulse, our team conducted extensive research in to the industry, talked to a large cross-section of people including business owners, personnel working in the industry and industry experts and learned first-hand about the problems they face and what tools they would find valuable to add to their toolbox. We have paid special attention to providing a great user experience with intuitive interfaces and a workflow that is easy to learn and use. With the support of our great features, we let you keep your focus on your business without needing to worry about operational details.