Easy workflow that lets you work with shipments and transportation.

  • Easily create Land, Sea or Air shipments with
    • Loading mode either FCL or LCL
    • Import or Export
    • Shipping Mode either Direct or House
  • Manage freights in a shipment via an intuitive interface
  • Easy consolidation of multiple freights in one shipment.
  • Convert quotations and pickups into shipments
  • Easy manifesting with premanifest, volume calculation and manifest
  • Book vehicle and schedule transportation.
  • Pre-assign delivery areas and create delivery jobs using single click.
  • Easy warehousing using a user-friendly graphical interface.
  • Print labels, generate and print invoices.
  • Define profit sharing agreements between branches, and with other agencies.
  • View logs for each state of shipment, shipment item, job and payments.
  • Track shipments as well as web portal easily
  • Track shipments at an item level.

Logipulse serves all roles:

Owner See P&L reports and operational metrics via Logipulse reporting and dashboard. Keep on top of the operations via alerts, notifications, audit trail and internal communications.
Warehouse Manager Use intuitive interfaces to track what is arriving and leaving and what slot each item goes into. Print labels and view reports.
Front Desk Operator Create pick-ups, convert them to shipments and print labels. Use reports to co-ordinate delivery.
Operations Manager Keep track of operations via dashboard and operational reports. Ensure visibility and control over warehousing, delivery, loading and landing.
Accounts Logipulse inbuilt multi-currency accounting system allows for easy logistics tracking of income and expenses. Create invoices easily and keep track of A/R, A/P, P/L and more via extensive financial reporting.

Logipulse offers a highly graphical warehouse management functionality, with capability for custom definition of rack and bin configurations and easy allocation and tracking of goods stored in the warehouse.

  • Complete warehouse management with graphical rack and bin view.
  • Allocate shipment items to warehouse at the time of creating/editing shipments.
  • Follow easy steps to define any type of rack in the system.
  • Know the level of occupancy of the racks and free slots.
  • Option to auto-allocate goods to free slots without the need for manual allocation.
  • Move goods between warehouses with ease.
  • Print labels and bar codes for rack and bin and map the shipment item to that rack and bin.

With Logipulse you work in total integration and collaboration with your branches and other agencies that you do business with. Easily communicate with other branches, delegate permissions, communicate and manage profit-sharing agreements.

  • Branches can operate independently as a business unit with its own P&L and baance sheet.
  • Centrally store and manage data for all branches.
  • Centralized employee management system with hierarchy for all branches
  • Communicate between branches using the inbuilt communication system.
  • Location-specific settings for emails, SMS, master data etc.
  • Set filters to view global data or data specific to their branch.
  • Customize their own branch unique ID to be used for shipments, jobs etc.
  • Delegate permissions between branches to take actions at any point in the business cycle.

Logipulse keeps you in the know at every step of a shipment cycle. Alerts, status notifications and configurable approvals give you complete visibility and control over your operations.

  • Inbuilt notification system to keep you informed of the status of shipments.
  • Alerts for business workflow events like arrival of item in a warehouse.
  • Get alerts via SMS, email and as desktop alerts.
  • Hierarchical alerts to ensure that required action is taken at each step.
  • Audit trails provide you the track of all actions related to a shipment or job.
  • Approval powers can be assigned for every important function.
  • Export operational and financial data into Excel.
  • Pre-defined email templates that can be customized.
  • Use the internal messaging system to communicate within your company.

Logipulse ships with an accounting module that is custom-made for the freight forwarding industry.

  • Keep track of your cash flow statements, balance sheets, AR’s, AP’s and profits
  • Work with multiple currencies with real-time exchange rates.
  • Robust financial reporting
  • Calculate agent commission for jobs and shipments
  • Shows profit and loss at a job level
  • Track income and expenses at source or at destination of the shipments
  • Create profit-share agreements between branches
  • View job settlement reports and P&L reports between branches
  • Individual balance sheet for each branch

Robust operational and financial reporting in Logipulse helps you know the pulse of your business. The reports are highly customizable depending on your specific needs.

  • Extensive reporting to help you gauge how your business is doing operationally and financially.
  • Customize the reports the way you want, through custom plugins.
  • Operational reports include:
    • AR Aging report.
    • Aging report for items that arrived and are stored in the warehouse.
    • Manifest report
    • Landing report
    • Payment summary report
    • Settlement summary report
    • Job P&L report (for source and destination)
    • Job cash flow report
  • Accounting reports include:
    • Profit and Loss report
    • Balance sheet (branchwise)
    • Trial Balance
    • Cash flow statement

Logipulse features a user portal that is available for customers, agencies and vendors.

  • Customers can track status of their shipments (overall and item-wise).
  • They can know details of their invoices and payments.
  • Agencies can track their shipments and know the status at each stage.
  • Vendors can know the status of their invoices, receipts and vouchers.